Dining Facilities at LDA


The food and beverage facility available on the campus is well-equipped to meet the demands of its customers. From international cuisines to local flavours and regional cuisines, our chefs are well-versed with a variety of flavours and cuisines and are known to serve nutritious meals to the executives that participate in various training programs.
There is a central dining area where the kitchen team serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner during specific times. Depending on requirements of the corporate offices, LDA team also arranges power lunches close to the training venue. Such dining options ensure that the discussions can be carried forward over the meal without any break in the flow of thoughts.
The campus serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals as well. Prior to the initiation of the training program, LDA team ensures that the dietary requirements of the participants are conveyed to the kitchen team so that they can work out the meal plan accordingly.


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